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Anything, really.
Onikhah the White Dragon by rooey1
Smog the Dragon- redrawn by rooey1
Fox thing by rooey1
OCs, Dragons, pokemon... anything, really, as long as it's easy because I'm loaded down with school and just... life. I'll do my best ^^

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Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
Always Improving artist, photographer, and writer.
I absolutely love fantasy and sci-fi, especially writing stories and drawing.
Wattpad: rooey1
Tumblr: icolortheworld

Things you should know about me:
I'm a little bit shy, a lot a bit weird, and always confused.
Finally back, school took up a lot of my time (as well as a good deal of gaming) 
But I've dedicated myself once again to drawing and improving my art!
I also am currently obsessed with attack on titan, if you want to follow me on instagram i'm @ attack_on_annie hahaha.. 
  • Mood: Artistic
  • Listening to: Reluctant Heroes
  • Reading: AoT chapter 58
  • Playing: Spirit tracks
One rainy night, I noticed the roads beneath my feet reflected the lights shining down on the street
The light colors ran down the road in waves, reflecting the streetlights perfectly.
The wet black roads acted as a mirror, and I wondered if there was something on the others side,
Another world, where the light from the roads shined into the heavens.
Could these roads be the only way to see this world?
I continued walking on this sheet of glass, looking down on the world below me.
Another girl was there, and the stars were above her. She was blurry, her hair seemed wet with rain.
In the puddles on the road I could see the ripples of raindrops falling from above me.
Or, perhaps, were the ripples coming from her side? Was it raining there, too?
She looked at me, with an expression of curiosity that matched mine.
 I thought of asking her a question, but I realized that there was no way she would be able to hear me.
I was probably blurry to her, too.
I walked through  a large puddle, my rainboots splashing in the water, causing a ripple in the mirror.
The girl disappeared, and my attention returned to my own world once again.
I noticed, because it was still winter, that the colorful Christmas lights were still out.
They decorated both worlds with twinkeling colors, the pools of light danced with the rain.
Stoplights spread huge waves of green, yellow, and red lights onto the roads.
The rain was falling harder, and small streams ran down the sides of the rode as I slowly climbed the hill.
The thought of returning home saddened me, for I enjoyed the company of this strange, quiet world.
Nevertheless, I continued up the road, watching the blurs of light running down the street next to me.
Upon reaching the top or the hill, I set my books down on the doorstep, and quickly snuck away,
continuing up the other hill, a steep hill covered with trees, except for the very top.
To me, a girl of only five feet, it seemed to be the top of the world.
I reached the top, standing alone on this tall hill with nothing around me.
From there, the whole world presented itself to me in glorious shining colors.
The lights of the distant city danced, the noise covered by the wind and rain.
I closed my eyes, imagining the reflection of the world below me.
I saw a large lake, reflecting the lights of my city and my world, all swimming in the water.
My reflection stood gazing out over the surface of the lake and slowly stepped forward.
The cold had hardened the water just enough, and she danced on the lake,
The ripples caused by her feet shook the light, as she danced and spun and twirled,
the light in her joyful eyes shining brighter than all the light in the world.
I could hear the laughter and joy that she felt, spinning on that lake,
The light spinning with her in a magical dance of shining, gleaming, glowing, smiling joy.
When I returned, I looked up at the world around me and smiled, too.
A storm had picked up, and as I descended from that hill, an electric light struck the sky.
It turned off the street lights, yet the world continued to shine,
The dark black roads beautifully reflecting the Christmas candles in the windows,
And the light from the world below.
As I entered my house, I lit my own candle
And watched as the rain slowly stopped,
Saying goodbye to the world in the mirror,
Until it rains again. 
  • Mood: Bliss
  • Listening to: Attack on Titan Theme song
  • Playing: Pokemon X

Imagine Dragons Project

Journal Entry: Sat Mar 23, 2013, 3:06 PM

I recently have fallen in love with Imagine Dragons's music :icondragonmusicplz:
:icondragonwant:My favorite is Radioactive >w< I lav it so mush >w<
Anyways, I've decided to do a music video! :icondragontailfast:
The plot line is gonna be something like this:
A little dragon kid (white or gold) is looking at his home, which is now a place of destruction, basically a desert.

His parents (also white or gold) are dead. They were king and queen of the land, until an evil king dragon (black) took over by killing everyone.

The baby dragon's mother- the queen- gave him a special necklace that lets him transform into different types of dragon (red, blue, nature, fire, lung, phoenix, etc..) after he defeats them.

In the end, he beats the evil dragon king (probably kills him) and gets his kingdom back.

That's what i have so far...
:icondragonmanplz: I'll figure out how to do it eventually .-.
I might get fat while doing this. Idk, it's something about drawing and M&M's... :icondragoneat:
:icondragonnod1:Jk, I'm skin and bones, I can't get fat. XD

Wait, why am I telling you this? .-. (lol. sorry.)

Journal Skin by AlyArmadillo
Art by PineRain
  • Mood: Eager
  • Listening to: Radioactive- Imagine dragons (duh)
  • Watching: Downton Abbey.
  • Playing: Pokemon White 2
  • Eating: uhm... idk exactly, but its yummy
  • Drinking: IBC Cream Soda

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