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(A little background info: This is actually a homework assignment. I have to describe the color blue to someone who was born blind.)

What is blue?

It's the color of the cool ocean waters on a hot, sunny day.
The color of the sky as it stretches over the endless horizon..
it's how you feel when you're sad and alone,
the color of kings and nobles
and of calm and quiet.
It's not bright and happy yellow,
nor fiery red,
but the cool color of water that puts out burning flames.
Its the color of our tiny planet, alone in an endless universe.

:bademoticon: :bademoticon: :bademoticon: :bademoticon: :bademoticon: Free - Navi Fairy from Legend of Zelda 
How did I do? >.<
  • Listening to: Imagine Dragons

    Rohun woke up against the cold stone and gravel earth. His back ached and his wings felt like they were about to rip apart from the pressure of the sharp stones. He got up slowly, dust falling off of his scaly skin.

    Rohun heard something odd. It sounded like the crackling of fire. Lots of fire. 

    "That's odd… what on earth is going on to make so much fire?" He wondered, walking out of his cave to get a view of the outdoors. He decided to go visit his parents, the king and queen of the Gold dragons. The Gold dragons are at the top of the dragon classes, pure in soul and kind-hearted. They are what humans call "elites" or "nobels" because of the beautiful color of their scales. As Rohun walked into the sunlight, his golden scales shone brightly and beautifully. They reflected the horrible things before him like mirrors. Glistening fire, black smoke, burning trees, melting iron all danced on the golden scales. But the scales were lucky. They couldn't hear.

    Rohun heard. He heard the screams and roars if his people, his people who had been trapped in their dens and caves by burning rocks and trees. Then he spotted wings as black as night, flying through the crimson sky, blending in with the horrible black smoke. He had found the cause of the fire, the jealous dark dragons. Their gleaming red eyes gave them away. They were not like the beautiful black dragons. They had evil hearts and horrid tempers. 

    Rohun ran towards his parents den. Of course, the king and queen were the targets of this whole thing. Their den was surrounded by rocks and trees that had been thrown over them. It would soon be nothing but rubble, the dragons inside would be ashes. Rohun was devastated and he knew he must act quickly. As the prince of the Golds, he must do what is best for his people. He covered his golden scales in the black ashes so he would not be recognized and ran back to his den. He collected his only belongings; a mysterious crystal necklace and a small crown. He packed them in a leather bag that hung around his neck, and snuck back outside. 

    A few horrifying minutes later Rohun was far away from his home. He had retreated deep into the mountains and found a resting place among the cool rock caves. He washed the ashes off of his scales using the small stream running through the cave. Finally, a quiet place to sit and think. What on earth could he do? Then he remembered something from one of his mother's stories. 

        "Legend has it that when the golden kingdom is in dire need, a wise mountain dragon will appear to the one bearing the legend stone." 

    Rohun looked at his necklace he had been given. He had always thought the stone was a simple diamond, but now he caught a glimpse of colored light from deep within the stone. What could that be? Was he supposed to find the Wise One? He decided to go out and search for him.

  • Listening to: Imagine Dragons
One rainy night, I noticed the roads beneath my feet reflected the lights shining down on the street
The light colors ran down the road in waves, reflecting the streetlights perfectly.
The wet black roads acted as a mirror, and I wondered if there was something on the others side,
Another world, where the light from the roads shined into the heavens.
Could these roads be the only way to see this world?
I continued walking on this sheet of glass, looking down on the world below me.
Another girl was there, and the stars were above her. She was blurry, her hair seemed wet with rain.
In the puddles on the road I could see the ripples of raindrops falling from above me.
Or, perhaps, were the ripples coming from her side? Was it raining there, too?
She looked at me, with an expression of curiosity that matched mine.
 I thought of asking her a question, but I realized that there was no way she would be able to hear me.
I was probably blurry to her, too.
I walked through  a large puddle, my rainboots splashing in the water, causing a ripple in the mirror.
The girl disappeared, and my attention returned to my own world once again.
I noticed, because it was still winter, that the colorful Christmas lights were still out.
They decorated both worlds with twinkeling colors, the pools of light danced with the rain.
Stoplights spread huge waves of green, yellow, and red lights onto the roads.
The rain was falling harder, and small streams ran down the sides of the rode as I slowly climbed the hill.
The thought of returning home saddened me, for I enjoyed the company of this strange, quiet world.
Nevertheless, I continued up the road, watching the blurs of light running down the street next to me.
Upon reaching the top or the hill, I set my books down on the doorstep, and quickly snuck away,
continuing up the other hill, a steep hill covered with trees, except for the very top.
To me, a girl of only five feet, it seemed to be the top of the world.
I reached the top, standing alone on this tall hill with nothing around me.
From there, the whole world presented itself to me in glorious shining colors.
The lights of the distant city danced, the noise covered by the wind and rain.
I closed my eyes, imagining the reflection of the world below me.
I saw a large lake, reflecting the lights of my city and my world, all swimming in the water.
My reflection stood gazing out over the surface of the lake and slowly stepped forward.
The cold had hardened the water just enough, and she danced on the lake,
The ripples caused by her feet shook the light, as she danced and spun and twirled,
the light in her joyful eyes shining brighter than all the light in the world.
I could hear the laughter and joy that she felt, spinning on that lake,
The light spinning with her in a magical dance of shining, gleaming, glowing, smiling joy.
When I returned, I looked up at the world around me and smiled, too.
A storm had picked up, and as I descended from that hill, an electric light struck the sky.
It turned off the street lights, yet the world continued to shine,
The dark black roads beautifully reflecting the Christmas candles in the windows,
And the light from the world below.
As I entered my house, I lit my own candle
And watched as the rain slowly stopped,
Saying goodbye to the world in the mirror,
Until it rains again. 
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  • Playing: Pokemon X

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